Look after your employees, instead of your core data.

Shouldn’t your HR team invest much more time in people management and development instead of spending their valuable resources on administrating data into IT systems?

What’s more, consider the continuous efforts on training and qualifications necessary for complex topics such as payroll and tax law. With BPO – Business Process Outsourcing you free yourself from administrative effort. You and your team gain time for your core tasks.

Our services

You decide in which extent you want to use our Business Process Outsourcing. We can put your individual service package together for you.

Data input + data maintenance

We enter and check all data that is relevant for your payroll and salaries.

  • Your competent, personal contact persons are there for you
  • Your payroll will be correct, be assure of that
  • Every month, you will get your payroll on time

Payroll + notifications

We take care of your monthly payroll and transmit relevant data to all offices and health insurances.

  • You can check your payroll in advance
  • Benefit from the know-how of our staff
  • We guarantee your payroll’s quality

Print + delivery

We can provide your payroll and salaries printed or electronically.

  • We send the documents to you or directly to your employees, just as you please
  • You save money on printer, cartridge and maintenance
  • You relieve yourself and your team from time-consuming activities

Why Business Process Outsourcing with KWP Professional Services

We are nearby

Locations all over Germany. Always nearby. While many issues can be solved virtually, some matters ask for a personal conversation. We speak your language and know your regional specifics.

You decide on the scope of service at all times.

Standardization - fine. But not when it comes down to the scope of service. Here, you are the one to decide. No matter whether it has to do with the takeover of individual process steps or the whole personnel department.

Your data remain your data

You keep unrestricted access to your data and can create any reports you need, anytime.

Continuous learning and training

We train and qualify all our employees constantly to meet highest quality requirements.

Your extended work bench

We see ourselves as part of your team.

You gain independence

Sickness, fluctuation, holiday replacement and a shortage in qualified staff in payroll accounting no longer have any consequences for your payroll and salaries.

Business Process Outsourcing creates new opportunities

It depends on the design. Even though “outsourcing” has been labelled as one of the no-go words of the year several times, to us, outsourcing does not equal outsourcing. We do not see ourselves as external service provider, but rather as your extended workbench. This way we will be part of your team. We support you in complex topics that usually mean extensive training and qualification effort, so in the future you can concentrate on strategic topics such as talent management.

Get independent of:

  • Sickness
  • Fluctuation
  • Holiday replacement
  • Temporary additional expenses
  • Massive training and qualification efforts in all relevant legal areas

Huge efforts are necessary in order to remain up-to-date in all relevant legal fields relating to payroll and tax law. You can get yourself out of that.

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Find out whether Business Process Outsourcing makes sense to you and which space you can create for your HR management.

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