Everything under control

With the HR application management service, we support you in all matters and challenges in your daily business. We keep you in the loop: What are current developments in the HCM environment? Which consequences do these changes have on your system?

With our HR application management you will benefit from our consultants’ concentrated expertise and minimise your risk of disturbances in the business process.

Relieve you and your team

Our experts relieve you and your team when it comes to ongoing support of your SAP HCM systems and user-support. From uploading support packages, the review of the turn of the year changes and the handling of change requests up to maintenance, support and user consulting, we ensure that your system is not only always up-to-date, but also tailored to your needs. That way you can fully benefit from the potential of your SAP system.

Flexible contracting

We offer different contract models – you decide which model suits you best.

Support as much as you want

You decide which services you want to purchase.

Error solving in case of errors

We support in events that are not part of a routine operation of a service and that in fact or potentially cause an interruption or reduction of the service quality.

Ongoing support for user problems

We also handle customer requests that have nothing to do with the failure of the installed applications. We advise and support e. g. in specialist as well as legal topics.

Takeover of ongoing activities

We take care of ongoing activities for you, such as a monthly update of the health insurances’ rate of contribution and the addition of new health insurances.

Support of the monthly productive payroll

An error in your payroll occurs that you cannot solve with your own means or resources? Our consultants analyze the error and support your respective department with the solution’s realization. If necessary, we take care of the necessary system settings directly and document them.

Refinement of SAP support packages and the SAP turn of the year

We take care of necessary adjustments to your systems after the upload of support packages and support you with the respective tests. If you like, we create a maintenance plan with you at the beginning of the year that determines all activities and contact persons.

Assistance in other maintenance activities

You plan an upgrade of your system? We are happy to support you with the planning and realization of the necessary activities.

If you like, we can create a monthly overview of SAP note corrections and discuss with you, whether a correction in advance is necessary for your system or not.

Individual adjustments of your system

You need a new salary type? A new company regulation should be illustrated in the system? We define requirements with you, draft possible solutions as well as their respective costs and implement them in your system.

Cost control

You keep full cost control: We agree with you on an on-demand contingent. Additionally, we get your agreement on service delivery times that extend four hours per case in advance.

Authorization concept

HCM data is confidential data. Therefore, you decide who within your company may see which notification.

Authorization concept

You decide who within your company can create notifications within the respective HCM components. We check whether an authorization is available when accepting the notification.

Tamper-proof documentation

Our processes are designed according to ISAE: We document all changes that we carry out in your system. We are being reviewed regularly by the auditing firm KPMG on adhering to our processes. Upon request, we can provide you with an audit report at any time.

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