Put an end to paperwork

With the app for Concur Travel & Expense your employees remain productive also while on the move. Whether you need real-time information about your travel itinerary and check your flight status or you need to book a flight or a hotel room on short notice - with the app it’s easy-peasy. Travellers can take photos of their receipts on the way and assign them directly to their expenses - this saves valuable time and additional paperwork.

One solution - from start to finish

Employees can easily book their business trips from their smartphone or computer. All itineraries and credit card charges are automatically and accurately captured which accelerates the audit and approval process and the travel expenses will be reimbursed on time.

Accurate information

With Concur Travel & Expense, your data has no longer to be keyed in multiple systems or even manually merged. Electronic receipts from travel agencies or other vendors are automatically turned into expense line items. Therefore you promptly have all your data in one place ready for your finance department.

Benefits for your employees

  • Real-time information about flight status, integration of hotels, restaurants and taxi companies to your schedule
  • Booking of hotels, train tickets and flights with preferred suppliers
  • Navigation to your hotel or car rental location
  • Create a new expense report directly on the smartphone, add details, edit, delete and manage it
  • Take photos of your receipts and upload them directly to your expense report
  • Submit your travel expense wherever you are and track status

Benefits for your company

Cost Control

Automatic consideration of travel policy compliance for business trips and expenses while booking; preconfigured selection of preferred vendors.

Time saving

Accelerated submittance and approval of travel expenses, automatic transfer of all positions to travel expense reports.

Increased data integrity

Photos of receipts and real-time reports; automatic match of all credit card data with the relevant travel requests and bookings.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Mobile access simplifies the business trip; user-friendly and intuitive; requires minimal training.

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